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Washer Repair

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At Allan’s Appliance Repair, we provide washing machine repair for all brands and models of washers. We fix all types of washers and all types of washing machine problems, such as washer making unusual noises, washing machine not cycling correctly, washer not emptying completely, or washer that is off balance.

At Allan’s Appliance Repair, we provide:

• Washer repair for all makes and models
• Washing machine installation for all makes and models
• Washer service for all makes and models
• Washing machine maintenance for all makes and models

Washing machine repair for all makes and models:

• Bosch
• Kitchen Aid
• Whirlpool
• Kenmore
• Electrolux
• GE
• Hot Point
• Jen Air
• Amana
• Maytag

Washing Machine Repair and Washing Machine Maintenance

Suddenly being without the washer and dryer can be a true inconvenience for most families, in both time and money spent at the laundromat. Washer repair and washer maintenance are the best ways ensure that your appliances operate efficiently every time that you need them.

Simple washer maintenance should be performed every few months, and includes vacuuming behind and underneath the washer, wiping out the trays and compartments, and running a cycle with hot water and an appliance cleaning product. If your household has pets, you should consider washer maintenance every two months or so to prevent buildup of pet hair and dust.

If these simple steps do not keep your washer operating efficiently, Allan’s Appliance Repair can schedule an appointment to review the washer for any problems that must be addressed with washer repair.

High Efficiency Washers
Modern high efficiency (HE) washers are becoming more common in California households today. Allan’s Appliance Repair sometimes gets washer repair calls when the washer cycle is running longer. With the HE washers, it is most likely that the washer is more efficient EVEN IF it is running a longer cycle. Before you call for washer repair, check the washer’s manual or the manufacturer website to see what a normal cycle length is for your make and model of HE washer.

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