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Dryer Repair

Allan’s Appliance Repair is a valley leader in dryer repair for all brands and models. We fix all types of problems including dryer taking too long, dryer has broken thermostat, dryer heating element not working, dryer has a burning smell, and dryer lint build up.

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At Allan’s Appliance Repair, we provide:

  • Dryer repair for all makes and models
  • Dryer installation for all makes and models
  • Dryer service for all makes and models
  • Dryer maintenance for all makes and models

Repair for all makes and models:

  • Bosch
  • Kitchen Aid
  • Whirlpool
  • Kenmore
  • Electrolux
  • GE
  • Hot Point
  • Jen Air
  • Amana
  • Maytag

Dryer Repair and Dryer Maintenance

Clothes dryers are an important appliance to keep in good repair. Running a dryer too long or running a dryer that needs appliance repair will raise energy costs and cause frustration. Fortunately, many common dryer repair problems can be solved simply by paying attention to regular dryer maintenance.

Cleaning the lint trap or lint screen after EVERY load is one of the most important maintenance steps you can take. Not only will a clear lint trap help the clothes dry faster, it will also lessen the chance of lint getting into the dryer’s exhaust hose – a significant fire safety concern. It is equally important to vacuum behind and underneath the appliance several times each year. Do this more frequently if you live in a household with pets where pet hair and dust collect even faster.

High Efficiency Dryers

High efficiency dryers (HE) have become increasingly popular. While they do operate more efficiently and save energy, that does not necessarily mean that the cycle will be shorter. Some HE appliances run longer cycles than older models; check with the manual or manufacturer for your specific model to determine a normal dryer cycle length.

If you do need dryer repair, contact a trained appliance repair technician. Improper or careless dryer repair could cause greater fire potential. Allan’s Appliance Repair has decades of experience working with dryers of all types.

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