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Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is typically used for the preservation and storage of food items, beverages, and other perishable products. They are common features in supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, specialty food stores, cafeterias, restaurants, and hospitals. Commercial refrigeration ensures everything stays unspoiled by removing the heat through cooling.

The commercial refrigeration system you have is likely to be among the most expensive pieces of equipment in your establishment. Because of this, the decision whether to repair or replace may seem hard when something has gone wrong. The key factors to consider are equipment efficiency and the health of your customers. If your system is over 10 years old and it’s having issues, perhaps it’s time to consider replacing it. Anything younger may be repaired and continue to give you reliable service.

Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are useful when you want to store large amounts of perishable products. Walk-in coolers or freezers, at times known as dairy cases, are essential if you are dealing in dairy products. Glassdoor merchandisers are popular in grocery stores, convenience stores, and other businesses dealing with bottled and canned beverages as well as packaged food products. Glass door merchandisers are also great in helping you market grab-and-go beverages to potential buyers.
However, horror stories are common when these vital commercial refrigeration units fail. The common culprit is typically the compressor. That is when you need to weigh your options; whether to replace the unit or have the technicians install a new one for your commercial outlet.

Undercounter Refrigerators and Prep Tables

Whether it’s in a hotel room, at a café or in a restaurant bar, undercounter refrigerators create additional storage for cold beverages and other ingredients without using too much of your vertical space. Some undercounter units are also designed to function as freezers, easily complimenting larger merchandisers or fridges.
Delicatessens, pizza places, and salad concepts simply can’t function effectively without refrigerated food prep tables. The best selling point for prep tables is that they can still function as commercial refrigeration units. Ensure your business and customers are protected 24/7 by not ignoring a defective/broken undercover refrigerator or prep table. If the unit cannot be repaired, have it replaced as soon as possible.

Bar Refrigeration & Ice Makers

Whether you’re running a neighborhood pub, a back bar, or an upscale lounge, coolers help in keeping beer cans and bottles of wine chilled. They work as ice-making machines that will keep your customer’s drinks cooled. Bottle coolers are also a great choice for applications that are not dependent on visual merchandising.

To keep your ice-making machines working at peak capacity, regular maintenance is essential. Choose an experienced and reliable refrigeration service company that understands the working of bar refrigeration and ice-making machines. They will help with necessary repairs and advice when it’s time to replace the entire unit.


Those who use commercial refrigeration need systems that are not only effective but reliable, while at the same time meeting the ever-increasing customer and legislative demands for environmentally friendly solutions. As you install, upgrade, repair or replace your commercial refrigeration system or units, keep that in mind.

For instance, previously, Freon was the most popular refrigeration liquid for refrigerating and cooling units but today, most countries are adopting more eco-friendly refrigerants such as tetrafluoromethane. Although a bit more expensive, tetrafluoromethane more efficient and safer.

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